The Home Stretch!!

That’s right, we have entered the “home stretch” of bringing Ruthie home!!!!!

We received the I800 approval. We received the Article 5 letter. We have been assigned a Judge. Now we are just waiting for the judge to assign our court date!! A court date! We have finally made it! The court date will determine when we can travel. We will be able to spend 5 days, morning and afternoon, visiting with Ruthie before we go before the judge.

Our adoption hearing could take about two hours. I’m not exactly sure what all will happen during that time, but I do know we will both have a chance to speak. And we will be questioned by the judge as to why we want to be Ruthie’s parents, what we can offer her, and why being with us would be better than where she is.

I have never been before a judge before and honestly, I am kind of stressing out about this. I mean she holds our families future in her hands. Please pray for us in this. That the judge would be understanding and we would speak clearly on Ruthie’s behalf. AND for peace and calm for me!

We are ready to paint and set up Ruthie’s bedroom. Now if Mommy could just settle on the colors that would be great! šŸ™‚ We have been blessed by a friend who posted on her local sites looking for toddler bed donations. She has found both the toddler beds we needed! Such a relief to not have to find the funds to buy them or the time to search them out.

We will have Ruthie’s bedroom ready for her, but also a bed in our room for her. Remember Ruthie has never had her own room and everything around her will be new and probably scary. We anticipate she will need to be close to us for awhile and want to be available to her whenever she would need us, just like bringing home a newborn.

We still need to buy a new carseat for Ruthie and one crib size mattress. And than just pack!

We are wrapping up a couple ongoing fundraisers. If you are interested we still have several of ourĀ Hand Painted EggsĀ available,Ā Monogram Ornaments, Caterpillar Magnets made by Big Brother, and aĀ BIN AuctionĀ on Facebook.

Stay tuned for TRAVEL DATES!!!!