Tastefully Simple

We have been blessed with the opportunity to hold a Tastefully Simple Fundraiser!

I am very excited for the way this will be run. You know those fundraisers where the kids bring home the cookie dough form and people order the dough they want then all the kids turn their forms in for one big fundraiser? Well, this is similar to that!

So, on Friday night (September 11) we will have a “Kick-off Tasting Party”. This will be like a regular Tastefully Simple party. Then the fun part! Everyone can take a fundraiser packet to collect MORE orders! Who doesn’t love something from Tastefully Simple (or a whole lot of somethings)? I have set a high goal here. I would love to have $2,000 in product sales! I know it sounds like a lot, but this stuff is yummy, and it’s a group effort.

We will be collecting orders through the month of September. You can “join” the party of Facebook. I highly recommend that as Danielle is fantastic and you won’t want to miss what she has to share. You can also share this post and the facebook event page to help us. AND don’t miss your chance to order some delicious Tastefully Simple products and help bring our little girl home!!