My First 4th of July!

Ruthie will be celebrating her very first 4th of July this year! I am super excited to be a part of this “1st” for her as we have missed so many.

The boys had “My First” shirts and outfits for many holidays as baby’s. I love them! But here is the thing, “first’s” are supposed to be celebrated while a child is still a baby. Try finding a My First…shirt at any store. If you are lucky you might find one in a size 24 months, but nothing bigger than that. And I understand, that’s how it’s supposed to be.

But for the children who come into a family after their 1st birthday there is a chance they have missed some “First’s” and the new parents have definitely missed them. Those children who are adopted from foreign countries have not celebrated America’s Independence Day. AHA! A “First” to celebrate together!

Now, on to the problem of finding a shirt large enough for your toddler, child, tween, teen. I have the solution! With the help of Fund the Nations we have a “My First 4th of July” t-shirt. Bonus, the proceeds will help an adopting family who are waiting for travel dates to meet their son in Eastern Europe!

This shirt is available in youth sizes XS-XL or adult sizes S-XL. Each shirt is $25 which includes shipping! (adult XXL and XXXL are available for $27)

Please contact me to place your order and for payment. All proceeds will go to the Tomasik family.

Deadline to order is Tuesday, June 7.

Toddler sizes were not available. Since even an XS will be large on Ruthie I plan to make hers into a shirt dress. 🙂