Monogram Ornaments

My favorite season is winter and my favorite holiday is Christmas! I just love everything about it. The fresh white snow, Christmas Carols, the glitter, colors, and lights, manger scenes, Santa and elves, finding just the right gift, family gatherings, decorating the tree, hot cocoa, cheesy movies. If it has to do with Christmas, chances are I LOVE it! And for me it can’t start to soon. So, I am thrilled to share this new fundraiser we are doing.

Monogram Christmas Ornaments!

Christmas will be here before we know it! We are still holding out hope that we will be with our Ruthie by then. (please keep praying for that miracle!) But in the meantime, while we wait for paperwork, I am making these Christmas ornaments.

IMG_3986   ornaments

Each wood letter is 3 inches tall and has a ribbon to hang on your tree. I have several Christmas patterns to choose from. If you would like something else please let me know and I will see if it is a possibility. The examples are family name monogram and wedding date, but name and birth date or Gotcha Date would also be cute.

IMG_3988  paper option 2

Each ornament is $10 and that includes shipping! Payments can be made to our Reece’s Rainbow FSP or directly to me. Make sure I have your order before making your payment.

Please order early. We are hoping our I800 and travel dates move quickly and I need to make sure I can fulfill your order!

I am so excited to make these for you! And don’t forget they would also make great gifts!



Ok, so this is a bit late. And how I don’t know because really it is the greatest news so far!

About two weeks ago we asked for prayer because our Dossier had been submitted and we were hoping for a quick response. Well, God answered FAST! Little Mouse woke up at 4:30 AM on Sep 7. I remember because when I looked at my phone to check the time there was an email from our fantastic adoption facilitator letting us know that we would not be needing our 30 day count down. We had been granted our match request!

We are now waiting for all the official paperwork from our little girls country so that we may submit our next application to USCIS. This will grant her permission to immigrate to the US as our child.

So, are new prayer request is for these papers to come quickly!

While we wait I have a few fundraisers going. The Tastefully Simple fundraiser will go through September 30, we still have Eggs available, and I am preparing for one last rummage sale.

Tastefully Simple

We have been blessed with the opportunity to hold a Tastefully Simple Fundraiser!

I am very excited for the way this will be run. You know those fundraisers where the kids bring home the cookie dough form and people order the dough they want then all the kids turn their forms in for one big fundraiser? Well, this is similar to that!

So, on Friday night (September 11) we will have a “Kick-off Tasting Party”. This will be like a regular Tastefully Simple party. Then the fun part! Everyone can take a fundraiser packet to collect MORE orders! Who doesn’t love something from Tastefully Simple (or a whole lot of somethings)? I have set a high goal here. I would love to have $2,000 in product sales! I know it sounds like a lot, but this stuff is yummy, and it’s a group effort.

We will be collecting orders through the month of September. You can “join” the party of Facebook. I highly recommend that as Danielle is fantastic and you won’t want to miss what she has to share. You can also share this post and the facebook event page to help us. AND don’t miss your chance to order some delicious Tastefully Simple products and help bring our little girl home!!

Dossier Submitted!


Our Dossier has been submitted!!

We have been working for MONTHS to gather all the necessary paperwork, get it all notarized, and finally have each piece apostilled. The Dossier consists of medical reports for both of us and the boys, our home study, financial statement, birth certificates and marriage license, and our application letter among a bunch of other paperwork.

This news has brought a tremendous amount of relief. We have worked so hard to get to this point. We are now at the place where it is out of our hands. The wait for our official referral is up to 30 days. We are praying and hoping that it does not take that long. Mommy and Daddy are both anxious to get updates on our sweet girl.

I have a 30 day countdown on my kitchen marker board. Everyday I can wipe a number off and hopefully we don’t have to wipe off all 30 numbers before we get our referral!

In the meantime we will continue fundraising! My next post will be about upcoming fundraisers and how you can be involved.

For now please pray with us for favor from the officials who receive our Dossier, that they would see us as the right family for our girl and give us our referral quickly so we can move to the next step.

Pedal Ruthie Home SUCCESS!

Our Pedal Ruthie Home Trike/Bike-a-Thon was a HUGE success!!! I can not thank everyone who helped enough.


So, to start, a few shout outs to our friends and family who helped with planning, donating, and the day of;

all our parents and my grandma,

our dear friends,

and the businesses who sponsored our fundraiser;

Caraotta Chiropractic Orthopedics

Midwest Mailworks, Inc

Jayz Electric

Randy Fleming Heating and Air Conditioning

Baskin Robbins of Rockford

If you are in the area PLEASE show these businesses some love!

Back to the fundraiser. The kids had a BLAST!! They looked adorable wearing their Pedal Ruthie Home shirts and riding their bikes. We had a tunnel made from pool noodles, “carwash” to go though, and bubble machines. I think some of the kids rode the whole two hours!

IMG_3391 IMG_3532

Little Moose rode his bike (or any other tricycle that a child walked away from) the whole morning. We were surprised because he had been saying for weeks that he would only ride four laps and than would be too tired. We were so proud of him! After we cleaned up and were getting in the van his enthusiasm quickly turned to crushed. I asked him why he was so sad. His answer, because it was over and Ruthie never came. 😦 poor guy misunderstood and thought that if he rode enough his sister would come. It is SO hard for a little one to understand time and waiting. We have been trying to be clear that she will not be ready to come home until after his birthday. But still, he wants her now just as much as Mommy and Daddy do.

The boys AWESOME babysitter and a friend of hers did face painting for the kiddo’s. They did a great job and the kids loved that the face painters would try anything they requested.


We also had balloons for the kids. Each balloon had a picture attached of a child on Reece’s Rainbow that is still waiting for their forever family. It was a joy to be able to share these precious kids of all ages, from various countries, and with a variety of special needs. Our hope and prayer is that maybe one of these children will find a family through their balloon. And more awareness has been raised!


Our Silent Auction went great! Several business including Lino’s Restaurant, Woodman’s, and Royal Hobby Shop donated some awesome items. There are a few things left that will be available soon in an online auction. Be watching for that. 🙂

We have several T-shirts available in children’s size XS-L. Please let me know if you would like one (or two or three) They are $10 each locally or $15 to ship, if you want more than one the shipping will be combined.

11917771_10152866563940904_8265497268460883521_n 11947586_10152866562010904_5966394214917199926_n

And finally, if you would like to raise money and do your own virtual Walk-a-Thon or Bike-a-Thon for Ruthie we would love to help you get started! I can send you a pledge sheet which you would use to ask for donations from friends, family, co-workers. Set a date, time, location of your choice and go for a walk or bike ride, collect your donor pledges, and send them to us or our Family Sponsorship Account with Reece’s Rainbow. Super simple and GREATLY appreciated!

Thank you again to everyone who was involved in any way to make this a great success!

Mommy Will Come

I should be going to bed. That’s were I was headed before the Little Mouse woke up crying.

In the 20 minutes I spent trying to understand his still baby talk through his tears I never did figure out everything he was wanting. Except Mo-Nay (that’s me!) and Dada. He knows that Mommy and Daddy will ALWAYS come if he cries. He learned that at about 3 minutes old and has tested it about it a million times to be sure. It is deeply ingrained in him that we will always be there. We will always comfort him. We will always help him with his feelings, whatever they are. We will be there day or night, anytime he wants. He is never alone.

I had the privilege of rubbing his back so he could calm down and eventually fall back to sleep knowing he was safe, protected, and loved. Knowing that Mommy was there to take care of him.

While I was helping my Little Mouse I couldn’t help but think of our little girl. My little girl. I wonder, who comes when she cries in the night? Does anyone? Has she learned to comfort herself? Does anyone rub her back and wipe her tears? I’m sure she doesn’t cry for Mommy and Daddy. She has never had a Mommy or Daddy.

My heart is extra heavy tonight. It hurts for our little girl. Our precious little girl who has no idea how her life is about to change. Our little girl who will no longer be parentless.

I am looking forward to having the privilege of rubbing her back in the middle of the night and wiping her tears when she cries. It will be a privilege. I get to be her Mommy! I get to teach her what love is and that she is the most precious little girl ever. I will teach her it is ok to cry for Mommy and Daddy, we will come, anytime, for always, because she is ours!

Pedal Ruthie Home

We will are so excited to announce our BIG fundraiser…Pedal Ruthie Home, a Trike/Bike-a-Thon.

Our Little Moose wants to be involved in bringing his sister home. He made the cutest caterpillar magnets for the rummage sale (they all sold right away). After brainstorming ways a young child could be involved we settled on the Trike/Bike-a-Thon.

This event is geared for children age toddler thru grade school.

Each participant will be given a “pledge sheet” to collect their pledges, either a set amount per lap or a set donation. I will have pledge sheets with me otherwise I can email them to you. All you need to do is ask friends, family, neighbors, parents co-workers, anyone you want for pledges. Bring your pledge sheet, any flat donations already collected, and a trike or bike the morning of the event. We will have a fun track set up for the kids to ride.

Kids are encouraged to invite friends to participate with them. There will be a prize for the child who creates the largest team!

Registration is now open!

We are looking for business sponsors as well. Please let us know if you are interested in being a sponsor or know a business who may be. There are three options for business sponsors.
1. Monetary donation to sponsor a part of the track.
2. Donate a prize level for participants. (We would like to have prizes for different levels of pledges.)
3. Donate Gift Certificate, service, or item/s for Silent Auction.

If you have anything you would like to donate please let us know.

We realize that some people who would like to participate are not located in the area. We would love for you to hold your own virtual Pedal Ruthie Home wherever you are! I can send you pledge forms and we will be setting up an Instagram and hashtag for you to share your event with the main event. All pictures will be put into a memory to be shared with Ruthie!