Ok, so this is a bit late. And how I don’t know because really it is the greatest news so far!

About two weeks ago we asked for prayer because our Dossier had been submitted and we were hoping for a quick response. Well, God answered FAST! Little Mouse woke up at 4:30 AM on Sep 7. I remember because when I looked at my phone to check the time there was an email from our fantastic adoption facilitator letting us know that we would not be needing our 30 day count down. We had been granted our match request!

We are now waiting for all the official paperwork from our little girls country so that we may submit our next application to USCIS. This will grant her permission to immigrate to the US as our child.

So, are new prayer request is for these papers to come quickly!

While we wait I have a few fundraisers going. The Tastefully Simple fundraiser will go through September 30, we still have Eggs available, and I am preparing for one last rummage sale.

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