Mommy Will Come

I should be going to bed. That’s were I was headed before the Little Mouse woke up crying.

In the 20 minutes I spent trying to understand his still baby talk through his tears I never did figure out everything he was wanting. Except Mo-Nay (that’s me!) and Dada. He knows that Mommy and Daddy will ALWAYS come if he cries. He learned that at about 3 minutes old and has tested it about it a million times to be sure. It is deeply ingrained in him that we will always be there. We will always comfort him. We will always help him with his feelings, whatever they are. We will be there day or night, anytime he wants. He is never alone.

I had the privilege of rubbing his back so he could calm down and eventually fall back to sleep knowing he was safe, protected, and loved. Knowing that Mommy was there to take care of him.

While I was helping my Little Mouse I couldn’t help but think of our little girl. My little girl. I wonder, who comes when she cries in the night? Does anyone? Has she learned to comfort herself? Does anyone rub her back and wipe her tears? I’m sure she doesn’t cry for Mommy and Daddy. She has never had a Mommy or Daddy.

My heart is extra heavy tonight. It hurts for our little girl. Our precious little girl who has no idea how her life is about to change. Our little girl who will no longer be parentless.

I am looking forward to having the privilege of rubbing her back in the middle of the night and wiping her tears when she cries. It will be a privilege. I get to be her Mommy! I get to teach her what love is and that she is the most precious little girl ever. I will teach her it is ok to cry for Mommy and Daddy, we will come, anytime, for always, because she is ours!

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